This is General AnakinSkywalker221s, now known as Anakin_Skywalker, preferably known as Kaylow Alcatraz. He is a member of the Alcatraz family. His skills are excellent when it comes to sword fighting, and is proficient in gunfighting.

He is a Royal Guard of the Autarch, as well as a member of the Vaktovian Vanguard Unit, serving as a Vanguard Captain.

Major General Kaylow is known for being the Sith Lord of Vaktovia, who has 2 followers, Darth Humpty Dumpty (Ttom25rocks) and Darth Zalakiiv (Zakaevz).

Out of most Colonels or Officers, he known for being fun, but when things go to far, he is very strict. Either way, he enjoys a good joke.

Major General Kaylow is a hard worker, one who never gives up, even on his skills of swords and guns. Major General Kaylow also trains people privately, for those who could use a good boost in sword fighting.

Major General Kaylow's history in VAK all began in July 2010, he was a Vortex Security Captain, VSSP, VSA, and VSHR, the time of Justgoaway1, Vaktovia was at war with VS, then one day Anakin was exiled from VS, and then tried out for the Vaktovian Empire Cadets, time of General Korvak as the AC of the Cadets system, and was later on accepted into the Cadets by General DevilishPyro. Within a month, he was accepted into VAK, and started as a Corporal. For more info on Major General Anakin's history:

ROBLOX Profile:


"It's either try hard, or die hard" - Kaylow Alcatraz

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