Arc rifle

The Killzone look of the Arc rifle.

The Arc rifle was a weapon that was once used by the Vaktovian Empire. It has been decomissioned because of its inconsistency and outdated technology. It was created by Stroudie.

Weapon Statistics

Arc rifle in-game

The Arc Rifle in game.

The Arc rifle has a slow rate of fire, and the damage is very inconsistant due to the old design. It fires a decal of a streak of electricity that, depending on the place it is fired, may bounce for a short while before dissapearing.

Design and Function

The Vaktovian design of the Arc rifle is significantly different than the Killzone design. The Vaktovian design is a long rod like gun with the front having 3 rods at the front gathering electricity together. It's funtion is, like any other weapon, to damage enemies.

Where to find it

When the Arc rifle was still in service, it could be found in the weapon dispensers at SMO.