The Badanov spacecraft.

The Badanov is a Vaktovian ship that flies through space. It is based off of the Helghan cruiser from Killzone. Though this amazing spacecraft is not used in any official vaktovian bases, many Vaktovians own it as a model. Most of the time it is used for looks, like General Sage's profile place. 

Basic Information

  • Sage's profile picture with Dropships flying from Badanovs.
  • A Badanov fleet
  • Vaktovian Propaganda with a Badanov.

A Badanov is basically a warship, space cruiser, space battleship, whatever pleases you. It is, generally, as large as a baseplate, but the biggest one is as large as about 5 Baseplates. Usually designed in a very high detailed manner, the Badanov has only been seen in use at a Vaktovian Facility once before at a place called the "Vaktovian Badanov Dropfield". If you go to stroudie's places, you can see the "Vaktovian Teleportation Hub", and you can find old bases. De-commisioned, but still a good curiousity to look at.

Arment and On-Board Features

The standard Badanov comes with 22 Air-to-Land Canons, a scattered number of Anti-Air Guns, and 6 Dropship  hangars. The 3 rear fins on each side are engines that are fueled by , currently, an unknown source.