After the original Vaktovian Empire by Vaktus attacked his clans, friend's clans, and other clans that Corlanius was associated with, he created his own Vaktovian Empire.

He felt that VAK is corrupt, claiming that they can't see potential in VAC rejects, that they cheat and find loopholes, and they attack weak clans. His plans are to give VAK a challenge, to be the first to successfully recreate VAK, and to change history of war clans.

Many of C&G flames anything they do, giving them the nick name "false-tovia" as well as the constant arguing of Sinnace (yet another VAK copier), and Corlanius. Constantly fighting about how to lead VAK better.

Cor's VAK claims not to be against the real VAK, but has some sort of relevance to getting VAC/VAK rejects, exiled VAKs including a black listed Vaktovian general who changed his name to Polonium. 

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