"This user used too be one of mine He later scammed me out of 200K robux Later on that day he made a forum saying how shit Vaktovian was, which I found really offensive too myself. He then made a clan which was called vicerion warriors which decided too attack us however we still won shame on you"

This is the real Corlanius, whoever said that is lying, some butt hurt vaktovian.

In all honesty, I was just simply a Corporal and got banned on roblox later because I insulted people and used exploits.

"made a clan Vicerion Warriors" um, no I didn't. It doesn't even exist on ROBLOX.

"scammed 200k" I wish I had 200k, whoever wrote this old bull shit PM me on your main account I got some things to settle. If you're too scared to be publically spoken to.

"how shit vaktovian was" It is.

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