CptJackPrice is a diehard loyal of The Vaktovian Empire despite the few problems he faced during his time in VAC. He became interesed in the clan world shortly after his account was created, and the first groups he joined were RAT and The Russian Army. He didn't achieve any rank in those two as he was a safechatter account. Short after he broke free from the safe chatting, and decided to join AGR, or the Army of the Galactic Republic, led by Sonagod. He reached the rank of Commander shortly before the group was shut down. He joined a few other Star Wars groups before giving up and joining The Axis Empire Reborn, which he got to know throught his best friend glizmo. Soon after that he flew through the ranks, until he became the highest mid rank. Struggling to become a high rank, he asked the few high ranks he was close to for reccomendations but one day something amazing happened. He joined the training centre where he found out that there was going to be a competition between groups. T.A.E.R failed the first events, but there was one event that made the difference between winning and losing. CptJackPrice won the sword fighting tourney with the help of another HR. That's when he and the HR soon were able to become Generals. However, CptJackPrice never became a Field Commander, which was his goal in the group. Soon after this, there was a group that declared war upon T.A.E.R. It was called Valkyre Productions, which was destroyed soon after CptJackPrice managed to gain the rank of 2ic in said group and exiled everyone.


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