If you are creating/editing pages, there are two things to keep in mind: ALWAYS make sure the page is protected "against new and unregistered users." Do that by clicking the red arrow next to the edit button, and selecting protect. You will find the different protections. Select "protect against new and unregistered users."

The other thing is to categorize the pages.

- If the page is about a Vaktovian who is Captain+ (Officer+), add the category of "Important Vaktovians."

- If the page is about ANY other robloxian that is not a Captain+ in the Vaktovian Empire, add the category "People." (i.e. VAC's, Lieutenants and lower ranks of the Empire, Ex-Vaktovians, enemy group leaders, etc.) NOTE: If a Captain+ who was categorized as an important Vaktovian is demoted, leaves VAK, or is in some other way no longer a Captain+, REMOVE the "Important Vaktovians" category and replace it with the "People" category.

- If the page is about a current OR an ex-Vaktovian General, add the category "Generals." This category can be combined with the People and Important Vaktovians category.

- If the page is for a specific group on roblox, add the category "Groups." If the page is about a group has has been defeated by VAK, in ADDITION to the groups category, also add the "Defeated clans."

- If the page is about a base or any other kind of roblox place, categorize it as "Places."

- If the page is about a vehicle, add the category "Vehicles."

- If the page is for any kind of weapon or vehicle with weaponry or can otherwise be considered a weapon, add the category "Weapons." This can be combined with the "Vehicles" category.

And finally,

- If the page is about a war between VAK and another group (Likely named VAK vs [Enemy clan name] ), add the category "Wars."

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