Grenade in hand

The Vaktovian grenade in game.

The Vaktovian Grenade, an explosive device to be thrown.

Weapon Statistics

The Vaktovian grenade has a decent blast radius, so if there is a group of people in a circle, and one is thrown in the middle, unless if everyone runs away instantly to a distant location, they will die instantly.

Design and Function

Vaktovian grenade in-game

The older grenade in game.

The design of the Vaktovian grenade is a cylinder with a black pin attached to the red top. The grenade has a red flame that emittes from it while holding it. It is useful for flushing out enemies from cover and taking out groups of hostiles.

Where to find it

Vaktovians, V.A.C, and Cadets all start with a grenade in their starterpack, but more can be found from the weapon dispensers in a base.

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