The Health kit.

The Health Kits are medical boxes that, when used, heal the user's health by about two thirds or so. It is a metal box with a red cross on it. It is a gear made by ROBLOX that was put into the Vaktovian bases. When health kits were first used, everyone got one in their starterpack, though more could be gained from the weapon dispensers in the Vaktovian bases. Now, the Medi-guns have replaced the health kits, and could still be found in the weapon dispensers, before they were later rendered useless.


Screenshot 1

Medkit at Varcia.

At the Plains of Varcia, there are numerous medkits around the entire map. As there are no Medi-gun chargers at this base, these are used to preserve precious medi-charge and to gain a quick refill of health. When used, the red cross will turn black and be inactive, causing players to be unable to gain health from it until the cross once again turns red after it has recharged.

Humorously, the sound effect made when a player gains health from one of these is the same sound effect heard in team fortress 2 when health is gained from a base supply.