The LS13 is a high power shotgun created by Stroudie. It is now decommisioned.

LS13 shotgun

The LS13 shotgun seen in Killzone 2.


The LS13 has a short range and a low rate of fire, though it makes up for it by its very high damage when in close enough range.

Design and Function

LS13 High power shotgun

The LS13 shotgun.

The design of the LS13 looks similar to the Drumhead shotguns. Its function is for close quarter combat, taking down the enemy quickly with only a single shot nessesary.

Where to find it

Before it was decommisioned, the LS13 could be accessed by the weapon changer list available to all raiders. It was intended as a counter to the shotgun mode available on the Vaktovian's StA-52.