Lil2mario new uniform


lil2mario, Ex-Supreme General of Vaktovia

Brief & History:

Lil2mario is a former Supreme General of the Vaktovian Empire. He was General for 8 generations straight, from the 1st Coalition generation to the 5th Empire generation. Quoted he is an "exemplary organizer". Not much is known about him otherwise, except that his well known Vaktovian name is Mario Metrac. It is assumed that lil2mario was trying to base his image off of a relative of Armin Metrac, a General of the Helghast in the game series, Killzone.

Lil2mario had led many campaigns against multiple enemies of Vaktovia in earlier days, especially in the Empire's first days. Described as a hero to Vaktovia, and a menace to her enemies. He was a stern commander, making sure people were doing their assigned tasks and dealing with those who weren't, but his perseverence and military skills were never outmatched.


He decided to re-join, serving Vaktus once more. He was a level 2 V.A.C. soldier, however then left for unknown reasons.

He had rejoined the Vaktovian Ascension Core not too long ago, again left for unknown reasons.

His profile currently quietly lies dormant, sitting in the Ex-Vaktovians community group;


General Metrac (lil2mario)

lil2mario's old General outfit.

From his description:

"Ex-Supreme General of the great nation known as Vaktovia. I have returned, to serve under Vaktovia once-more. I will fight for my Autarch, whether I be General or not. I am just happy I am back to serve."

"I serve no man but Vaktus.""