The Killzone 2 look of the M-82.

The M-82 is an assault rifle and the gun that raiders start with. It was created by stroudie, the creator of most Vaktovian weapons.


This weapon has a rate of fire slightly less than the Vaktovian StA-52, but in turn, it has a bit more damage
M-82 in hand

M82 in-game.

done for each hit. Some raiders say that the StA-52 is stronger than the M82, but overall, they are equal. The reason those raiders say that is most likely because of the slower rate of fire, along with the fact that they may not be used to the weapons at the VAK bases.

Design and Function

The design of this weapon is most like a real time U.S. assault rifle. It is used for all ranged missions as it is the only weapon raiders get. It has a flashlight on the bottom of it.

Where to find it

This weapon, pointed out above, is given to raiders when they spawn, meaning that it is put in the raiders' starter pack, along with a sword and a salute tool.