The M224 is a high power light machine gun created by stroudie, and is the raider counterpart to the StA-3. It has been decomissioned.
M224 LMG

The M224 LMG as seen in Killzone 2.


The M224 has an above average firing rate, damage, and magazine size. Its range is average, but the bullets have a wider spread.

Design and Function

M224 High power LMG

The M224 machine gun in-game.

The design of the M224 is similar to a .50 caliber machine gun found in the military. It has a movable bipod, and a long overall gun length which towers about 13 studs outwards of your character. The M224's function is suppresion, being able to create cover fire and/or mow down many enemies.

Where to find it

Before it was decommisioned, the M224 could be accessed by the weapon changer list available to all raiders.