The M4 is the pistol given to the raider team as a sidearm. It was created by stroudie. It is now decommisioned.
M4 revolver

The M4 revolver seen in Killzone 2.


Unlike the M-82, the M4 has lower accuracy, lower rate of fire, and lower damage. It is best in close quarter combat, but even then the M-82 may still be a better choice. Also, compared to the StA-18, the M4 has a smaller ammo magazine, but in turn, does more damage per bullet.

Design and Function

M4 in hand

The M4 pistol in game.

The M4 is shaped as a standard magnum pistol, with the longer barrel, revolving system in the middle, and wooden grip on the bottom.

Where to find it

Before it was decommisioned, the M4 could be accessed by the weapon changer list available to all raiders.