The M66-SD is a high rate of fire sub-machine gun developed by stroudie, and is the raider counterpart to the StA-11. It has been decommisioned.

The M66-SD SMG seen in Killzone.


The M66-SD has a high rate of fire, but is relatively weaker bullet by bullet compared to any other weapon found at Outpost Pyro. It has a shorter range than the other raider guns, except for the LS13.

Design and Function

M66-SD High rate of fire SMG

The M66-SD sub-machine gun.

The design of the M66-SD is a simple sub-machine gun design, with a scope on top and an overall short length. Its function is for close range suppresion and assault.

Where to find it

Before it was decommisioned, the M66-SD could be accessed by the weapon changer list available to all raiders.