M98 high power sniper rifle

The M98 sniper rifle.

The M98 is a high powered sniper rifle created by stroudie, and is the raider counterpart to the VC-32. It has now been decommisioned.


The M98, as a sniper, has a very slow rate of fire, but also has extremely long range and damage.

Design and Function

The design of the M98 was very similar to the Vaktovian VC-32 sniper rifle. The function is to take out enemy targets from long range quickly, supporting teammates by taking out important targets before the main squad/group gets to them. Unlike all of the other weapons found at Vaktovian bases, the M98 is not a gun from Killzone. It is based off of most modern FPS Shooter snipers, with a unique Killzone feel to it, but alas, it is not from Killzone.

Where to find it

Before being decommisioned, the M98 could be accessed by the weapon changer list available to all raiders.