Sage's Hounds

The old logo used for Sage's Hounds.

Sage's Hounds was General Sage's private division. It was composed of only the best Vaktovians found in the Empire. After a long period of inactivity from some of the members main trainers, most of the "Hounds" left. As more members left, Sage's Hounds fell into a state of inactivity. Sage shut down the Hounds, as he was planning on reviving it at a later date, hoping to recreate the once beloved division. As time went on, however, the whole division was scrapped and is currently lost in the darkness of the roblox groups section.

Sage's Hounds Guard, which was used during, before, and after the shutdown of Sage's Hounds, was a personal division of Sage's, where he housed his most trusted soldiers to guard him and/or personal staff. The Guard still exists, and only 3 guards remain: Blockkiller001, AnakinSkywalker221s, and diedbones.

Most of the people who were formerly in Sage's Hounds are in the Alcatraz Family.