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Squidboi2, or also known now as Zaveer Veitrex, was one of the multiple colonels who were chosen to become general, and is now an Ex-Vaktovian. He was a veteran colonel, being one of the oldest colonels around, and declined an older offer of being a general, which was given to halorabbit (or so I've been told). He is well known by very many in the empire, and highly respected. He retired from the Empire for a long while, though he was still all for VAK, especially on the C&G.

Recently, squidboi2 has returned once more, and has been accepted back into the Vaktovian Empire as a Lieutenant.

He is currently focusing on a RP group of the United States, having recently been elected a Senator (with the aid of other Vaktovians) on the C&G forums.

Resignation forum post

Throughout my career in Vak, I've made a point of trying to look out for the good of the Empire first and putting my own interests as secondhand importance.

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As is clear enough I've been inactive for well over a month, and that has done nothing but harm the Empire by absorbing a position that could be given to someone who can contribute so much more. And as much as it pains me to do so, it must be done. As such, I'm resigning. I've said in the past the only thing holding me to this game was Vak, and that will hopefully prove to be true. And if it is not true, and I do stay on Roblox I can say definitively that I will never join another clan. A message to all Vaktovians; best of luck in the future, you guys are some good people and together you certainly comprise the best clan on this game. I'd also like to apologize for any and all screw ups and mistakes I've made in my tenure that have hurt the Empire and 


squidboi2 as a general.

you all personally, they were never intentional. That being said, It's been a fantastic 3 years.

That's all.

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