The StA-52 LAR seen in Killzone. In VAK, it is called the StA-53.

The StA-53 is the standard issue weapon for all Vaktovian soldiers, and was initially created by Stroudie, to supercede the StA-52.

It has since been mostly decommisioned, and replaced by the StA-54.

Weapon Statistics

StA-53 new

The most recent StA-53 in-game.

The StA-53 has a high fire rate with moderate to high damage. It is most effective at close to medium range. Headshots are 30 damage, torso shots are 20 damage and limb shots are 10 damage, making it a very over-powered weapon.

Design and Features

Based on the StA-52 LAR from Killzone, the StA-53 consists of two barrels. The top barrel is for regular (automatic) fire and the lower barrel, which was originally for the shotgun firing mode before the design was changed to be simpler, and the shotgun feature was no longer available.

The StA-53 has recently been given a new design modelled after the simplistic RCL assault rifle made by BenBonez.

Where to find it

StA-53 new look

The previous look of the StA-53.

The StA-53 can be found in all VAC starterpacks at SMO 2.0.