Takinama new uniform 2


takinama was a Vaktovian Captain as well as a VAC Officer, and a retired imperial officer, that has served and excelled in multiple theaters of war. He is currently a Vaktovian lieutenant, being demoted likely due to inactivity. He is one of the oldest members of the Vaktovian Empire and knows and fought by all the generals, and even Emperor Vaktus personally. Spec ops: He was the leader of the Vaktovian Special Operations group which is now inactive since his retirement Personal Armor: Takinama has his own personal armor, which is made by the Emperor himself. He rarely wears it now, however, as many could not tell that he was a Captain. There is one error on both custom uniforms (Elendill's blue and Takinama's Red) which is that on the armband it says "Glory to Vaktvia" missing out on an "o".

Takinama in his old combat uniform (Custom armor)