Symaen family logo

The Symaen family logo.

~|: We are Symaen :|~

A family of prestige and honor, we have carried on to death and back. We are the ultimate force.

The Symaen Family Information

We are fully ran by Vaktovian blood and the souls of the mighty. Our ancestors who had once dreamed of such a family united finally may rest with this dream accomplished. 

We are disciplined and bound by endless honor, we will achieve immortality, as well as infinite glory- for Vaktovia and our family's name.

We eliminate anything and anyone who steps in our way, we are the ultimate family, forever encrested by Vaktovia's gods and champions, we are the Symaen! We stop at nothing to preserve the family name.

Symaen Badge

The old, outdated symaen logo.

Disgrace will be severely punished. We tolerate no ignorance by ourselves, and others. 

We tolerate what our family deems tolerate. We tolerate no idiocy, the consequences will include exilation with the removal of your name.


The Symaen Family Representatives:

  • Viceory: VorVelm
  • Count/Marquess: xXxRaPPeRoxXx
  • Baronet: Codruler


The Symaen Family Rank System:

  • Squire [ Initiate ]
  • Gentlemen/Dame [ Trustworthy Symaen ]
  • Knight [ Noble Symaen ]


The Symaen Family Important Figures:

  • Sorlor [ The unofficial creator of Symaen ]
  • VorVelm / xXxRaPPeRoxXx [ First brothers of Symaen, creators of the Symaen Family ]
  • Fireblade3954 [ First Symaen to reach the rank of General ]
  • Zakaevz [ Winner of the first Winter Games ]


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