Vaktovian Academy

The logo for the Vaktovian Academy.

The Vaktovian Academy was a group that was created to act as a replacement of the Vaktovian Cadets. To join, you had to be seleted by a high ranking Vaktovian. You then had to join this group to be able to graduate and join the Vaktovian Empire. Joining this group made you more prepared when joining the Vaktovian Empire. Later on in its life it suffered a severe admin attack by Spartank45, letting in numerous enemies of Vaktovia; such as several RAT HRs (ColourTheory/Donkey04) which caused pandemonium and led to its shutting down. During this time there was a kill-order (By General Liam1313/Sage) on all suspicious "Recruits" of TVA, leaving only the "Cadets" to be trusted. 

The Vaktovian Academy is currently shut down. 

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