ToberDam new


was the leader of The Grand Imperium during the first half of the VAK-TGI war. Tober declared war on the Vaktovian Empire, which VAK then accepted. He is an ex-Vaktovian officer. He is known to despise Vaktovia. After initially agreeing to VAK's base, SMO, the Vaktovian Empire began to equal out the war-score and so Tober claimed it was unfair. Even going as far as to refuse any defense or attack upon Vaktovia; ToberDam was stubborn in his plight for a "fixed" SMO. After multiple weeks of changes to appease Tober, he continued to refuse to raid as he still believed that SMO was not fair enough to raid.

After a long while of causing TGI to be inactive in the war due to the refusal to raid or defend, and TGI members growing restless, with many leaving, Tober decided to give The Grand Imperium back to Castellian as he felt that his leadership would cause TGI to die.

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