The Vaktovian Empire vs The Grand Imperium was an endurance war which began in July 2013. It was well known in Clans & Guilds. Due to the hibernation of VAK after many losses, it submitted an obstacle into the war enabling ToberDam's wish to win. But VAK put up Outpost Pyro just in time for the war to begin, following with the Vaktovian rehabilitation.

Flame came from both sides, as well as personal voice speeches on the victory of the sides.

False Auto-win

TGI declared an auto-win due to the changed made on SMO, as well as apparent flaming from Vaktovians. They state that VAK broke too many war terms, causing them to lose the war. However, the Vaktovian Empire debates against this, and did not stop raiding nor defending even after TGI believed themselves to have won.

Vaktovian Victory

Early April of 2014, VAK has won this war. They had a very large ceremony, in that ceremony, got speeches for all the Generals, and Lord Vaktus, thus introducing a new war at the end of it, VAK vs RAT II .

Vaktovian Ceremony Part One-013:52

Vaktovian Ceremony Part One-0

Part 1 of the Ceremony

Vaktovian Ceremony Part two-007:33

Vaktovian Ceremony Part two-0

Part 2 of the Ceremony

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