VAC:EP group logo.

The Vaktovian Army Corps - Entrance Program, or VAC:EP, is the first step to entering the Empire through the

Vaktovian Army Corps. While members of the VAC:EP are not officially Vaktovians, they are permitted to patrol the Vaktovian Recruitment Centre while wearing the VAC Level 1 uniform.

To get into the Entrance Program, you must go to the Recruitment Centre and prove yourself to be mature and willing to go through the process to become a Vaktovian. While in the program, you are to send an application to VACApplications and await for it's approval. Following your application, you will be interviewed by a Vaktovian Officer or senior enlisted.

Ranks Edit

  1. Applicant: The first step of a recruit where they are to send an application to VACApplications and have it approved.
  2. Interviewee: The second step of a recruit where they wait to be interviewed by a Vaktovian officer or senior enlisted.
  3. VAC Worthy: Recruits deemed ready for the Vaktovian Army Corps and are pending approval.
  4. Interviewer: Officers or senior enlisted, certified to interview recruits.
  5. VACApplications: VACApplications.
  6. Emperor/Generals: Vaktus/Generals of the Vaktovian Empire.
  7. Supreme General Bektor: Bisho

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