Vaktovian Commando Unit

Vaktovian Commando Unit logo.

The Vaktovian Commando Unit are the commandos of the Vaktovian Empire. Known for their skill with close quarter combat, and skill with a blade.

The Vaktovian Commando Unit is the second division of commandos. The original Commando Unit was called the Vaktovian Commando Regiment, or VCR.

The current Commandos are: Nightch4os, TheMedievalist, Villain, Advausuo, liavkr104, OIdMachine and Kylo_Renn

Commando Captains: Uncoverloser and Fourpapa1

Overseer of Commando Unit: Anakin_Skywalker
Vaktovian Commando Uniform

Vaktovian Commando Unit uniform.


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