2012 games

The Vaktovian Winter games was a large sword tournament done in the winter of 2012. Many VAC and Vaktovians participated, and it caused many higher rank Vaktovians to become active again, as well as promote VAK and boost the morale of Vaktovia to a maximum. The arena can be found here: The interview area is found here, though it is friends-only: General Halorabbit created the arena and interview place. The tournament lasted two days. On the second day, in the finals, Zakaevz was the victor. Gargix created the games, and Generals halorabbit and squidboi2  oversaw the tournament. T-shirts were sold that served as seating tickets for people to watch the tournament. During the final game, Emperor Vaktus himself came to view the games, and announced many, many exciting newfeeds, including war, new uniforms, and much, much more.

The Vaktovian Winter Games Day 101:57

The Vaktovian Winter Games Day 1

The first day of the Vaktovian Winter Games.


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