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Xerland2, often referred to simply as Xer, was a Vaktovian Colonel. His Vaktovian name is Sylvester Symaen. He is one of the older Vaktovians, and he knows many of the Vaktovian officers quite well. Apparently, he and others consider him a truly amazing Vaktovian who contributes positively to the Vaktovian Empire. He currently is retired, and resides in the Retired Vaktovians rank.

Vaktovian Career History

Xerland2 first started in the Vaktovian Cadets in 2010, and was then moved to the Army Corps after it opened and replaced the Cadets. He was eventually promoted to Level 4, and then demoted back to Level 1 when VAC was admin abused, which became the start of The Grand Imperium. Xerland then moved up to Level 2, where he stayed for a long while until he was put into TVA. Sadly, TVA soon shutdown, and xerland was put back as a Level 2 VAC. Xerland was finally accepted into the Empire by gh98765 early December of 2012. He was shortly after promoted to Private First Class, but then demoted back to Private after called Officer Daffyduckjr a whore after realizing that Daffyduckjr was easy and amusing to anger. Later on, he became a Vaktovian Ascension Core mentor, and regained his rank as Private First Class. He reached Sergeant later on being promoted likely by General Gargix.

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