xxhero is currently a Vaktovian Corporal. He is also a scripter of the Evolution Initiative. xxhero holds the the titles of Vaktovian blade master,and the Dark Warrior's legacy.

xxhero was accepted into the Vaktovian Empire November 23rd, 2014.

Xxhero thumbnail

He's also known as Julius V. Madrek; Priorly named "Julius V.Sicarius" brother of TheManiaces/Tyrion V.Sicarius, Julius V.Madrek is a product of Julius V.Sicarius, a evil Machine that will kill anything or anyone that opposes Vaktovia's Empire march, Julius V.Madrek went so dark that he killed his old-self, stabbing him troughout the torso and right-eye, Julius V.Sicarius died at the same time as Tyrion V.Sicarius fell on the battlefield, however Tyrion managed to use his Time-machine gadget and return to the past.

Xxhero killing old self

xxhero killing his past self.

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